Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface

Dynamic Manual Interface

What D.M.I. is:

DMI is an advanced comprehensive form of manual therapy that embodies some of the most current research in the dynamics of the human body. DMI utilizes the body’s self corrective mechanisms to improve tissue mobility, biomechanics and system balance. Practitioners of DMI have learned to feel, interpret and facilitate specific subtle rhythms within the body. These rhythms are the vehicle for communication and regulation. While the basic concepts are simple, the training for the hands and the mind is extensive. Familiarity with anatomical details, bio-mechanics and physiology is important for the advanced practitioner. DMI can help virtually any condition, regardless of age group, and although it is not curative, many situations that have not responded... read more ››

What D.M.I. is NOT:

DMI is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is not a form of esoteric or shamanic healing. While our interface is light and has an energetic component, we do not consider this “energy work”. DMI training itself does not give an individual a professional license to touch, nor does it belong to a particular group of practitioners. (We have students who are MTs, PTs, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, OTs, MDs, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Nurses, and Heilpractitioners). While symptoms may change rapidly and dramatically, DMI is not focused on symptoms, but rather the body’s self corrective mechanisms and its ability to adapt. DMI is not like pain medicine or a cortisone injection…therapy is not an event, but rather a facilitated process that can... read more ››

About Us

Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface is a beautiful blend of both art and science. Developer, Frank Lowen was, in fact, an artist before pursuing his initial studies in the healing arts. His original thought was that he would combine his interest in alternative therapies with a means to support his career in fine arts. His artistic mind, intense motivation and curiosity of the human body enabled him to excel in many modalities, but two mentors clearly stood out in terms of their work and influence: Dr. John Upledger and Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral.

Frank connected with Dr. John Upledger in 1984 and after taking a few classes with him, was invited to join his teacher training program. In addition to his study and teaching with the Craniosacral classes, he illustrated... read more ››