Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface


March 8, 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am back in action after a break from life as I usually play it here!  India was wonderful, but now I need to catch up.  So, there are some announcements and a few changes to be aware of.


I did want to acknowledge a very special training experience in January, which is normally a slow month with a local class.  Due to some interest from abroad, I agreed to put on 5 classes over three consecutive weekends in Spokane to include two new students from Brazil and one from Taiwan.  What we ended up with was a fabulous group with so much sharing, caring and teaching that we have agreed to meet for another round next year.  The “local” students who participated all benefited.  This helped to warm our hearts in the brutally cold and snowy winter we had here.


I just updated the schedule and made a few changes.  Frank is teaching two classes plus two Teacher Trainings, one in Spokane and one in Italy. There is a Foot class in July and an Advanced class in November with a visceral focus.  The Foot class has evolved and would be a hard class to jump into for those who have not taken earlier foot classes, since he does not cover many of the basic material.  The same is true for the Advanced Class.  If you have taken Frank’s classes every year and find the material easy to follow, of course, you will be fine.  If you feel that there are some gaps or did not take the first few Foot classes or Advanced classes, I have added a class called Channels and Bridges 2.  This covers foot and whole body relationships, more detail on approaching treatment and actually hand skills as well as assessment and treatment sequencing.  This was taught in Spokane and was very well received by students who have taken some of Frank’s Advanced classes. I tried to place this class in Portland, but Ambridge is closed and our new site did not have the dates I needed, so I placed the class in Seattle April 22-23 and moved the Manual Perception Combo class to June. I am also open to doing an Advanced Hand Skills class instead if that is of more interest, so I welcome feedback regarding the June Seattle class.


I also think everyone should taken Essential Elements 2 Biomechanical Focus if you have not taken BMRLE and the Biomechanics review class that we did a few years ago before the Foot class.  This is a very functional class which covers skills and concepts with clarity and substance. Kris Roy is teaching this June 3-5 IN Seattle.  There is limited space in this class and I expect it might get wait-listed, so register early if interested.


There is also a Channels and Bridges 2 class in Lebanon, New Jersey. Channels and Bridges is a prerequisite.  If you have access to the East coast, this is a great group.  I added this class so that more students can take the Foot class with greater understanding.  The foot is a really important piece that can be utilized regardless of skill level, so I want to make sure everyone is able to take full advantage of that material.

I still have some openings in the schedule, if there is interest in other classes, and am looking for a place to put in EE2 Body Systems and or Circulation before the Advanced Class in November.  Stay tuned.

With Love and Respect,




October 23, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Every year I try to get the calendar out early and every year I have a different challenge.  This year, I was asked to put some introductory level classes close together so that students traveling from other countries could get enough training to take classes with Frank.  I think this will also be of interest to new students who are very interested in starting up in this work.

So, January is now scheduled with classes on three consecutive weekends in Spokane.  I am also introducing a new class that was proposed at the Foot Class this year in Spokane after being considered at the Advanced Class in Munich. This will be Channels and Bridges 2 and will contain some of the material that was in the first few Foot classes and not really taught in the last few, as well as assessment and other concepts and skills that are considered integral to Frank’s new work but have not been focused on in isolation.  It was requested that I find a format to include this material so students can better appreciate the more advanced classes.

I am still working on a location in Portland, but I think we will try to get a Foot class and an advanced class which might be more of a Visceral Focus in Portland.  I am also hoping to get some classes in Denver, at least one class in the DC area and to continue with some Seattle classes. If anyone knows of a clinic that could accommodate a two or three day class, please let me know. I have looked at some sites but the ones who are renting by the hour are usually prohibitive for our format with the class sizes.

The first January class is a Combined Core and Fluid Pressure Dynamics Foundations class (January 13-16).  The Core portion is somewhat accelerated and is a 2 day format.  The classes could be taken separately as well.

The next class is Essential Elements 1 (January 20-22). This is a combination of Manual Perception, Connective Tissue Foundations and Biomechanical Regulators taught in an integrated manner.

The last grouping is Channels and Bridges 1 (January 27-28) and Channels and Bridges 2 (January 29-30). They can also be taken together or separately and I will be offering discounts if both are taken.  I would like to see what the interest is for Channels and Bridges 2, since I will probably use a different venue for this class.

More to come on the 2017 schedule soon.

With Love and Respect,

Laurie and Frank Lowen



I have been looking long and hard (agonizing, actually) about how to simplify our curriculum without compromise.  The following is what I came up with for our US program.  It should work well for those who are just beginning as well as those who are continuing with and repeating classes. It might seem confusing, but I think it will work well.


We will still have Core at a requirement to introduce basic philosophy and usage of hands. The third optional day of Core will be a one day Biomechanics, which will include the basic terminology and some of the philosophy that was just included in the Biomechanics for the foot class, i.e. Frank’s take on Biomechanics.  Following the Core Training is Foundations Level One, which is a three day class and also a basic requirement for advanced classes.  There will be a discount offered for those who register for Core and Foundations at the same time, which will be applied to the Foundations class.  Foundations Level One will teach some Manual Perception, some material from Connective Tissue Foundations, and some material from Biomechanical Regulators, well beyond the sampling of techniques form Core. This will ensure that all students who take more advanced classes have familiarity with the work upon which most of the other work was based, which is not the case at present.


There will be two separate second tier classes, one which will be more structural, and the other which will be more systemic.  Students who are interested in pursuing Dynamic Manual Interface at an advanced level will want to take both classes- there will be little, if any overlap.


The second tier Structural/Biomechanical class will include more of the Connective Tissue Regulators, including some material from Advanced Connective Tissue, some material from Manual Perception 2 involving connective tissues, and more of the Biomechanical Regulators. This class plus Fluid Pressure Dynamics Foundations with either the Biomechanic part of Core and a one day Foot preview class or a 2 day foot preview class if the Biomechanics class was not taken as part of Core, would enable a student to take the Foot class.


The second tier Systemic will include a lot of Manual Perception 1 and some from Manual Perception 2, including cognitive associations and scar tissue, some of the basic material from Circulation, involving the heart and some neurovascular reflexes, material from Advanced Connective Tissues, involving membranes, and autonomics. Third level System class will cover material from Neuro and Circulation, and would prepare students for the Visceral and Cranial Classes.


All material taught to date will not be covered, but there will be available tutorial style classes to cover the additional material from Neuro, Circ. Neuro 2, Advanced Connective Tissue, BMR/BMRLE.


The Fluid Pressure Dynamic Foundations class will still be part of the program and will include some of the pulmonary dynamics piece. We will still do Hand Skills/Practical Integration, with the prerequisites for those just starting being: Core, Foundations Level One, Structural Tier 2 and Systemic Tier 2.  The names of the classes might change- I haven’t gotten that far yet.


In terms of pricing, if you have taken MP, CTF, and BMR, you get Foundations One for ½ price.  I do encourage students who have not taken these basic classes for at least 4 years to repeat, because there are some things that might be clarified or updated.  If you have taken one of the basic classes other than Core, you get $100 off the price and if you have taken two of the basic classes aside from Core you get $200 off. I will also discount the other levels in a similar fashion.


I received great input from my teachers at the last teachers training when considering how to split the classes and what to include or omit. The grand result I foresee is better preparation for advanced classes and streamlining prerequisites to save students money. There are many techniques we are leaving out of the main class sequence and will leave it up to inquisitive and serious students to pursue this in small groups.  We do want all of this to be available, but not all of this material is vital to understanding the work that Frank is currently teaching, and some might even be distracting or confusing.


Frank has said he will not be teaching any new classes this year but might do some training intensives.  It is a good time, then, to catch up with the prerequisite work and be ready for his advanced classes.


I don’t know if there will be more interest in classes when the book comes out, so I need to be flexible.  At this point, I would like to schedule Core and First Tier classes in Portland and Spokane.  If you think there would be an interest in your area, please let me know as I am putting the schedule together. If you are receiving this from Google groups, please do not reply to it, but send an independent email.


I am looking forward to seeing some of you soon.  There is still room in the Foot class in Portland, the Abdomen class in Spokane and the Cranial class in Spokane.  These are all Fluid Pressure Dynamics classes with prerequisites.


With Love and Respect, Laurie