Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface


OCTOBER 1, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This year has been transitional in some ways. Frank is exploring how to interact more in the Structural Integration community and how to structure his new work. I have been taking less of a role while he figures this out and have been exploring my role as an Occupational Therapist and completing any professional goals in that area. We have also been working on a training program in Europe for Osteopathic students and have revamped a training program for an entry level of higher skills. So there has been a hiatus in our classes here and now we are planning how to move into 2019.

We are starting the year with classes that are concentrated in time to accommodate our wonderful students from Brazil and Taiwan, who are traveling in for the third year. This year, we are mixing advanced classes in with our beginning classes so that we can start teaching a Core class in Brazil so students can learn in their mother tongue. It has been several years since I have taught a Teacher Training class. For those who have not experienced these, they cover the regular curriculum, but we have experienced students taking the class, some with the goal of teaching. For other students, it means that they have the additional benefit of partnering with skilled students who are intent on learning the skills at a higher level and sharing their feedback and expertise. It is like having one-on-one teaching. There will be a Teacher Training Core class and a Teacher Training Essential Elements 1 class. For those who know interested new students, these classes are a fabulous introduction.  For those who want to repeat or who never took the integrated Essential Elements 1 class, this is the best possible way to take it.

The 2019 schedule is still being worked on, but these classes are up on both the Google calendar and the spreadsheet calendar. Please get in requests for classes, and let me know if you are able to host a class at your clinic or know of a reasonable site that we can hold small classes. If you are interested in any of the 2019 classes that are posted, please let me know.  The Skills class with Frank is invitation only, but the other classes are open if prerequisites are met.

With Love and Respect,