Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface

Scheduling Sessions with Frank

Frank Lowen, LMT schedules private sessions in his Spokane office.  These are scheduled by phone and subject to availability.  In general, most local clients schedule 1-2 hour sessions; clients traveling from out of town may schedule up to three hours per day for a few days.

Payment is on a cash basis.  We do not accept insurance or process any insurance paperwork.  This type of therapy is non traditional and the language of the techniques would not be recognized by those processing claims.  Frank logs his sessions but does not write evaluations or progress notes

Frank is not a physician and does not treat illnesses or diagnoses.  He cannot predict an outcome or guarantee results.  He will feel what is moving or not moving in the body and use his methods to improve the overall functioning of the tissues by normalizing flow and movement.  We have found that this is of benefit to virtually everyone that has been treated, and can have profound influence on symptoms and general health.  Many clients report that the effects of these treatments are far greater than any other that they have experienced.  Nevertheless, it is important to be clear that we are treating rhythms in the body and tissue tensions, but not disease.

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, call Frank at 505 975-3023, or call 509 838-0431 and use mailbox 1.

This is the best way to contact Frank.  In all likelihood, you will leave a message and he will return your call within a few days, possibly in the evening or weekend.  Please leave all applicable phone numbers, so when he does return your call, he can reach you.

When you have an appointment scheduled, please write it down and consider the appointment confirmed.  It is unlikely that you will receive a confirmation call.  It is your responsibility to track your appointments.  Please cancel all single appointments at least 48 hours before and multiple day appointments with 2 weeks notice.  If more than 3 hours are scheduled, we will require a deposit or credit card number.  If the sessions are missed which have not been cancelled according to guidelines, there will be a cancellation charge for appointments that we were unable to fill.

Dress in comfortable clothes, preferably not jeans due to the thick seam in the back.  Frank will try to adhere to the schedule, but might run over in his sessions, so please do not schedule too tightly around this appointment.  It is also common to be somewhat spacey or tired after sessions.  We do not recommend that you have a session before an important meeting, interview, or conference for that reason.

Treatment is a process, not an event.  Some of the benefits from treatment will continue for some time.  There also may be some reactions to treatment that are not entirely comfortable.  Most of us did not get into out current state overnight, and it may take some time and treatment for some of our patterns to unravel.  There might also be emotions associated with the injury or condition that could emerge.  This is nothing to be concerned about and is a normal part of the process. If there is a significant social or emotional history, it would be appropriate to have additional supports in place.  That being said, most of the time patients feel very relaxed after treatment sessions.

After treatment, it is usually best to have a restful day and to drink plenty of water.  Going for a walk is usually fine, unless Frank specifically advises otherwise.  Do not engage in strenuous activity and do not participate in activities such as golf, baseball or tennis, in which there is swinging ballistic movement for a few days.  If you are involved in competitive sports and must practice or compete soon after treatment, make sure to let Frank know, so he can make the necessary adaptations to your session.


There are other practitioners who study with Frank Lowen.  Some have different licenses and may be able to accept medical insurance.  We have a list of our teachers and those who have reached basic certification.  The certification is via a certain class which has a written and practical assessment of basic skills.  There are other practitioners with good experience who have not taken this class, but are also skilled practitioners.  We cannot make a personal referral on the website, but there is an indication for those practitioners who are teachers and apprentices, and have had more classes and training.