Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface

Regarding Classes

I’m a P.T.,and I began learning about Lowen systems DMI techniques when I took my first course in mid 2007. I must say I felt intimidated, confused, and skeptical all at once at the first course I took; but that soon turned into awe and appreciation as I began to experience the power of these techniques to  effectively help my clients. Here, finally, is a comprehensive body of work that virtually all my clients can benefit from. Not only that, but this work fosters a deepening in my own path toward balance and health as I become more gentle, focused, and subtle through it’s practice and application.      RM, PT, Eugene, Oregon

Frank Lowen’s insight into our capacity to use one’s hands to perceive, to engage, and to affect neural and vascular motilities of the body has “evolutionized” the field of manual therapy.  He has developed his understanding from his ongoing study of anatomy and his deep grasp of the foundational thinking of osteopathy.  Between the remarkable ability of Frank’s hands for perception, his curiosity and his commitment to study, Frank gives incomparable treatment sessions.  Yet much of his effort goes toward teaching his work to other practitioners, many of whom have studied with Frank for many years.  Laurie Levine-Lowen has worked for many years to organize and articulate Frank’s teachings into digestible classes taught by several outstanding and highly qualified practitioners.  It is not work to be mastered overnight, but work that can provide guidance to help practitioners elegantly and effectively navigate the body. 

K.R, PT, LMT and L.B., LMT, Albuquerque, NM  

“I just attended ACT this week-end.  Laurie was explaining how the use of the spinal meninges regulator would help to free up the 3 different layers of dura if they were adhered together.  Back in my practice, I was working on a client with kyphosis and the opposing lordosis.  In facilitating the flat part of the lordotic curve, I found 2 cervical vertebra stuck together, unable to move independently.  After using the spinal meninges regulator, I found the 2 vertebra were now moving independently.  This was a great visual for me to understand how this works. I highly recommend taking ACT if you want to improve your ability to work with connective tissue and understand its function in the body movements.  I also highly recommend all of the other Lowen Systems Manual Dynamic Interface classes.”
  S.R., LMP, Spokane, WA