Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface

Patient Testimonials

Barry Craig, who is a certified Dynamic Manual Interface Practitioner, uses Lowen Systems works practically exclusively in his practice.  He submitted the following testimonials to share on our website.


Several years ago I had surgery to correct an incomplete forming of the right hip socket.
When I left PT four months later, I was able to walk. However, I had little strength in my hip flexor and a dull,heavy ache remained. Before having the same procedure on the left hip, I had several sessions with Barry. Immediately the right hip felt lighter when moving. After the left hip surgery I met with Barry Craig and could bend my knee and flex at the hip before I left the first post-op session. Recovery was dramatically quick and the hips remain pain free and as close to normal as I could hope.
Rachel, Research Scientist, PhD Bioengineering



Three years ago I injured my left shoulder lifting weights. Pain and lack of mobility persisted and worsened to the point that I had a cortisone shot, which brought only brief, temporary relief. I tried acupuncture, with no success. I was dismayed by my doctor’s diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff, as my wife had recently undergone surgery for the same, and I witnessed, first-hand, the long recovery from such an operation.


Since my religious beliefs have me leaning strongly toward being a devout Coward, I opted against having the operation and resigned myself to not being able to play catch with my grandson, as well as enduring nightly stabs of pain when I would flop around in my sleep.


I met Barry Craig this winter and decided to see him, figuring I had nothing to lose. I am unable to explain his methods, but I can testify that I no longer have any of the pain associated with a torn rotator cuff, and that I am able to lift my left arm to an equal height of my good (right) arm. Nothing short of miraculous, if you ask me.


Frank Workman, Banker




As a health care professional for over 20 years I have seen the value of using many different treatment modalities. While there is a value in western medicine, there are so many other tools available to help people achieve a healthier life. I have used acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and Reiki to treat various sports related injuries throughout my life with some degree of success. I met Barry Craig when a recurrent hip injury was keeping me from enjoying the activities I love to do. I was frustrated with my lack of improvement using some of the previously successful tools such as acupuncture and chiropractic. After my first session visit with Barry, I noticed marked improvement in my range of motion. After three sessions, my running and yoga practice took on a new level of ease.   With Barry’s help, I am back to enjoying an active, healthy life.

Tammy, RN