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Clinic is at 2026 South Lincoln Street, Spokane, Washington 99203, at the corner of Lincoln and 21st Ave.  The entrance is on 21st Ave, on the north side of the street, which is divided.  

From I 90 Eastbound, take the Maple/Walnut/Lincoln Exit (280) Stay on access road past Maple.  There is no sign, alas, for Lincoln, but make a right turn onto Monroe.  This is right after the entrance to I 90 towards Coeur d’Alene.  Be careful not to get on that ramp by mistake.  Go south up the hill. (BIG HILL) At 14th Ave, Monroe  becomes Lincoln.  Turn right onto 21st Ave.  Mapquest or google maps may take you another way, via Maple, Walnut and Cedar.  This works well, too.  If you find yourself on Cedar, it is a left turn onto 21st Ave.

From I 90 Westbound, take Exit at Walnut/Maple after Lincoln exit.  Stay in left lane and turn left on Maple. Go south up hill. Maple will change to Walnut and then Cedar, but just stay on the main road.  Turn left onto 21st Ave, make a U turn at Lincoln and park on 21st, west bound, at the corner house.  Enter on 21st, left of the garage

From downtown, you can take the 43 or 44 bus from the terminal.  If Lincoln is open, the 43 bus will go to the corner of Lincoln and 20th Ave.  There is an airport bus #60, as well, which runs from about 6 am. to 9 or 10 p.m..  It is $1.25 for a 2 hour bus pass, and you would transfer at the main terminal.  You need to ask the driver for a 2 hour pass when you pay.  It is a good deal.