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Repeat policy

We believe that repetition of this material is vital to being able to understand and perform this work.  It is not possible to get everything by taking a class once.  Our teachers and dedicated students understand this.  It is amazing to repeat a class and realize what we missed the first or even second time.

To encourage repetition of classes, we offer 1/2 price rates for most classes.  Until this year (2011), the repeat policy has been in effect for all classes, even classes that have been totally rewritten and have new manuals.

Starting 2011, classes that have been part of the curriculum and that are taught by Instructors other than Frank will continue to be 1/2 price.  If a student has already had BMRLE, the new Biomechanics class, although still required for the Foot class, will be half price.  The 4 day BMRLE class which is combined with the new Biomechanics class is also 1/2 price for repeaters. If a student has already taken the 3 day Visceral Foundations, the 1 day palpation class will be 1/2 price.  It should be noted that the Manual must be purchased and reviewed before the 1 day class. New classes with Frank are full price.  This includes the FPD Abdomen class, even if there is some material that might have been presented at the 4 day FPD: Visceral class.  It is a new class.  Repeats with Frank will be discounted 25%.  That is because the classes are always different and Frank will always present new material.  The exception is Fluid Pressure Dynamics Foundations, which is still 1/2 price to repeat since it is a beginning class.

For active teachers, courses are half price except for training intensives and the Teacher Mentorship.  Repeats of classes taught by teachers other than Frank are free to repeat.  Classes with Frank will be discounted $100 less than half price.  If it is a course that a teacher is preparing to teach, it is free, and repeats in the same year are free. Teachers are expected to support the classes in what ever way they are requested to.  Even if there is no facilitation necessary, they still are expected to support and represent the program positively.  Teachers attending classes are expected to help insure that there are no students left without partners, and should be amenable to working in groups of three if need be.  Please refrain from forming “elite” groups and from treating each other or other students.